How to purchase music from us

You can choose between printed copies and downloadable PDFs.


Music is printed on 100gsm high white copier paper, folded and stapled where appropriate. The purchase price includes UK postage and packing.

By purchasing a printed copy, you are agreeing not to make further copies.


PDFs are supplied by email.

By purchasing the music in PDF form, you are agreeing to print only the quantity that you have purchased, and not to distribute the PDF to others in any form.

All music supplied on this web site is copyright.


We sell this music on trust that you will honour copyright and not make copies you haven’t paid for. If you need to make additional copies for any reason, please contact us and we’ll be happy to negotiate a fair price. NB These pieces are not covered by the CCL Church Music Licence.


We understand the need to try the music before you buy, so free inspection copy PDFs are available. You can keep this and print one copy to try the music before you buy.