This Child

Graham Kendrick, arranged by Richard Hubbard

SSA Choir and Piano

Cat. No. 1057

This energetic carol tells the story of the child in the manger in lively calypso style. The arrangement is fun to sing, and well-suited to choirs where few read music, as the parts are easy to learn and memorise.

This version of the arrangement is for 3-part female or children’s voices, with a simplified piano part. The more advanced piano part is available in the SATB version.

Instrumental parts are available, and will be here soon.

Download free PDF  inspection copythis-child-SSA_files/This%20child%20-%20SATB%20-%20inspection%20copy_1.pdfthis-child-SSA_files/This%20child%20-%20SATB%20-%20inspection%20copy_1.pdfthis-child-SSA_files/This%20child%20-%20SSA%20version%20-%20inspection%20copy.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

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NB This arrangement is not covered by the CCL Church Copyright Licence. Please purchase enough copies for your needs.